The World Famous Tunday Kebabs

The love affair between kebabs and Lucknow city goes back centuries in time. We all have a toothless king to thank for this. There is a very interesting story behind the Tunday kebabs of Lucknow

Until 17th century, kebabs were quite chewy and course in texture which was changed. Nawab of Lucknow Asa-ud Daula was a man who took his food as seriously as his court affairs. As the Nawab started getting old, he began losing his teeth. Age was catching up, but the nawab was in no mood to let this come between him and his love for good food. He ordered the Khansamas to make the softest kebabs that would require no chewing, and to do this without  compromising on the flavours. He apparently setup a contest where the maker of the softest and most succulent kababs would enjoy royal patronage henceforth. The Khansamas rose to the challenge and came up with tender and succulent kebabs hoping for a favourable response from the King. The melt-in-your-mouth Galouti kebabs are said to be the outcome of the same contest.  Since then, kebabs became softer and softer through generations and paved the way for the succulent Tundey Kebabs as we know it today. The famous Kebab shop by Haji Murad Ali came into being around the end of the 17th century. It is said that the kebabs made here continue to follow a closely guarded secret family recipe.

THE WORLD FAMOUS TUNDAY KEBABS ARE EXACTLY WHY THIS PLACE IS SPECIAL. Have the kebabs and you will be transformed into a different culinary heaven. Must must try. 
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